Advocacy and Awareness Consultant






Advocacy and Awareness Consultant

5 October, 2018

Food Fortification Programme (FFP)
End Date: 10 Oct, 2018
Location :Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar (frequent travel in districts of four provinces).
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
Job Type :Full Time
Start Date :26 Sep, 2018


Food Fortification Programme

Job title:

Advocacy and Awareness Consultant,

Programme component

Advocacy and Communications

No. of jobs

5 fixed term contracts until end May 2019

Job location

Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar (frequent travel in districts of four provinces). Please indicate the preferred location while submitting job applications.

Report to

National Advocacy and Communications Manager

About the Food Fortification Programme

The Food Fortification Programme (FFP) is funded by the UK Government and aims to contribute to improved nutritional status for people in Pakistan, particularly women of child bearing age and children.

FFP will achieve this through sustainably improving access and consumption of wheat flour fortified with iron and folic acid and edible oil/ghee fortified with Vitamins A & D. The Programme will provide support to industry to adequately fortify wheat flour and edible oil/ghee, federal and provincial government to improve the food fortification regulatory system, advocacy and communication activities targeted at raising awareness of the nutritional benefits and generating evidence to inform relevant policy formulation to combat micronutrient deficiencies in Pakistan. The FFP will be implemented across Pakistan in planned phases.

The ‘Consultants, Advocacy and Awareness’ will support to National Advocacy and Communications Manager in the implementation of advocacy and communication activities part of the FFP advocacy and communications strategy and management of sub – consultant organizations in Punjab, Sindh, KP and Balochistan.

Public advocacy campaign

Raising public awareness is a central component of FFP. Supply, demand and sustainability are closely interlinked. Consumers need to recognise the benefits of food fortification and be willing to buy products that have been fortified. Consumer demand for these products will be essential to maintain pressure at the political level for the policy and regulatory actions that are needed, and for reassuring the industry that demand exists. Consumers must be given correct information and encouraged to seek out fortified food as part of wider improved behaviours around nutrition.

Consumer awareness alone will not be sufficient for sustained fortification but experience elsewhere highlights the importance of managing messaging and preventing misinformation. Consumers, and those who influence consumers – health workers, teachers etc., will be targeted. FFP’s Fortifying Pakistan’s Future campaign will raise awareness among consumers, particularly pregnant and lactating women, other women of reproductive age, school children, and the general population. It will also guide decision makers as they make the fortification policy agenda a national priority.

The campaign will be rolled out progressively to selected individual districts, once supply of fortified wheat flour and edible oil and ghee has been established there or in adjacent Districts where there are no Commercial Wheat Flour or Oil/Ghee Mills operating. A two-pronged communication approach has been adopted for increasing consumers’ awareness about the benefits of fortified wheat flour and edible oil/ghee. Marketing communication and interpersonal communication. Mass media campaign activities including public service messages and other visual and audio communication products on cable TV and regional TV for a one-month period in each district. Information, Education and Communication.

(IEC) materials such as brochures, flyers, posters and laminated message cards will also be disseminated. Community level outreach interventions will be carried out by existing nutrition and MNCH programmes, specifically by Lady Health Workers and Lady Health Supervisors, school health and nutrition supervisors, and basic health unit and rural health center staff.

Campaign Objectives and Outcomes

The overall objective of the “Fortifying Pakistan’s Future” campaign is to raise public awareness of the benefits of fortified food in order to promote acceptance of the switch to fortified wheat flour and edible oil/ghee and prevent any negative public reaction. The expected outcomes of the “Fortifying Pakistan’s Future” campaign are:

  • increased knowledge among the general public, in particular pregnant and lactating women, other women of reproductive age and school children, about the benefits of fortified wheat flour and edible oil/ghee;
  • to stimulate positive attitudes towards consumption of fortified wheat flour and edible oil/ghee among the same groups as well as male purchasers, contributing to increased household purchasing of fortified wheat flour and edible oil/ghee;
  • to increase knowledge amongst consumers that wheat flour and edible oil/ghee mills in their own district have started fortification of wheat flour with iron, folic acid, zinc, and vitamin B12 and edible oil/ghee with vitamins A and D.
  • to mitigate any possible negative backlash against food fortification in Pakistan.


  1. Day to day oversight and coordination with sub – consultant organizations in four provinces and regions of Pakistan for the implementation of interpersonal communication activities.
  2. Engaging provincial LHWs programme in four provinces and school health and nutrition programme only in Punjab for provide support to sub–consultant civil society organizations in district activities.
  3. Conduct quarterly follow-up session with the provincial LHWs and SH&NSs programme to get data and information of the total number of LHWs and community women reached with the messages at the district level.
  4. Support design of and implementation of evidence gathering mechanisms, research studies for assessing the effectiveness of advocacy and communications activities at various level such as sessions conducted with LHSs, SH&NSs, education department and trade associations.
  5. Support obtaining data and information on the conducting of activities  from the sub – consultant organizations.
  6. Work closely with FFP Provincial teams to align workplans.
  7. Work with FFP provincial team in engaging provincial food authorities for ensuring labelling on packing of fortified wheat flour and edible oil and ghee, for instance use of government approved wheat flour and edible oil and ghee logos.
  8. Engage with decision makers and parliamentarians and advocate around FFP’s priorities.
  9. Feed stakeholder engagements into Stakeholder Management Database.
  10. Support National Advocacy and Communications Manager and Provincial teams in the conduction of provincial launch events.
  11. Participate in Provincial Fortification Alliance meetings and any other advocacy forums.
  12. Regular participation in executive committee meetings and other events of Scaling Up Nutrition Civil Society Alliance at national and provincial level.
  13. Engage Canteen Stores Department for point of sale marketing of fortified wheat flour and edible oil and ghee.
  14. Engage with Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the provincial level to promote point of sale marketing of fortified wheat flour and edible oil and ghee.
  15. Advocacy with Pakistan Flour Mill Association and Pakistan Vanaspati Association for mandatory fortification and using government approved fortified wheat flour and edible oil and ghee logos and mandatory fortification of wheat flour and edible oil and ghee.
  16. Explore and map out existing forums/platforms which could be beneficial for disseminating messages and engaging influences for passing on the information to the rest of communities.
  17. Reporting – feed awareness sessions reports, attendance sheets, photos, data, information on Fortification Information System (FortIS).
  18. Regular communication with National Advocacy and Communications Manager.
  19. Other duties as agreed with National Advocacy and Communications Manager.

Key relationships

The Advocacy and Awareness Consultants will work closely with internal and external stakeholders such as the media management agency to support with the media campaign, IRMNCH Programme, education department, food department and school health and nutrition programme in punjab, work collaboratively with the FFP team at National and Provincial levels to implement advocacy and awareness campaign in each of the 4 target provinces, as appropriate and agreed.

Eligibilities and requirements

  1. Minimum master degree in sociology, social work, mass communication, gender studies, anthropology, master in public administration.
  2.  Minimum 5 to 7 years of experience in implementing media awareness and behaviour change communication campaigns on social issues specifically health and nutrition, education, gender issues involving various stakeholders.
  3. Experience of working with LHWs programme, School Health and Nutrition Programme in Punjab, education and food department.
  4. Experience of working in consortium of organizations, managing with the expectations of member consortium organizations.

Other specifications

  1. Experience of implementing media awareness and behaviour change communication campaigns on social and behavior change issues whilst engaging with government, private sector and civil society organizations
  2. Ability to engage government stakeholders and parliamentarians
  3. Ability to engage pressure group such as trade associations, civil society organizations, consumer networks.
  4. Ability to make and maintain effective contacts and relationships with government stakeholders at the provincial and district level.
  5. Ability to communicate effectively and appropriate both verbally and in writing Effectively manage the expectations of public and private sector stakeholders
  6. Good computer skills including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook
  7. Ability to work constructively with other team members

How to apply

We welcome applications from all suitably qualified individuals. Please visit: for detailed Job Description. Last date for the submission of application is Wednesday, 10 October 2018 at 4:00 pm.

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