EXPRESSION OF INTEREST NO. 6 (SME Application Form) for Business Development Services (BDS) Support (on cost-share basis)






EXPRESSION OF INTEREST NO. 6 (SME Application Form) for Business Development Services (BDS) Support (on cost-share basis)

5 October, 2018

Chemonics International SMEA
End Date: 31 Dec, 2018
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
Start Date :03 Oct, 2018

Project Background

USAID Small and Medium Enterprise Activity (SMEA) project is implementing business development support (BDS) activities designed to facilitate growth and enhance productivity in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The project is focused on helping small businesses by addressing challenges to business growth –  sales/exports, marketing support, product development, access to finance, quality control and compliance, IT/ICT development and digitization, and skilled workforce. SMEA will provide with cost share support (up to 50% of the fees) to acquire business development services from competent, pre-selected service providers.

SMEA will focus on the following economic sectors:

i)              Hospitality

ii)             ICT

iii)            Textiles (Minus spinning)

iv)            Logistics

v)             Agri-businesses & processing (off-farm)

vi)            Light-engineering

vii)          Women led businesses (from any sector)

Opportunity areas for SMEs and women led businesses to acquire BD services on cost sharing basis under CE assistance include:

  • Technical assistance: technical trainings, new product development, engineering solutions, productivity audits, LEAN management, short courses, etc.
  • ICT services: website and mobile based application development, software, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs), e-marketing solutions, etc.
  • Quality certifications: ISO 9000, Food safety and compliance standards (HACCP, ISO 22000) SA 8000, National food compliance, OEKOTEX, WRAP, etc.
  • Marketing support: product development, marketing collaterals, brand designs, etc.
  • Marketing strategies: market intelligence and new market identification     n, etc.
  • Accessing financial services: tax advisory, book keeping, financial management, digital payment solutions, e-commerce solutions etc.

Eligibility Criteria

The Program will support all eligible applicants (SMEs and Women-led businesses selected through a competitive selection process) to enhance their business capacities and productivity in all sectors.

All interested SMEs, who wish to apply for this program must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. The SME must be legally registered prior to receiving SMEA’s assistance and should be owned by Pakistani National(s), legally registered with relevant authorities and having valid documents (mentioned below) as per Pakistani business laws.
    • NTN number issued by Federal Board of Revenue (for all type of business concerns e.g. sole proprietor, un-registered partnership, registered partnership or Private limited company)
    • Proof of business ownership:  Business registration certificate (in case of registered partnership or Private limited company)
  1. The business must have verifiable business address and landline contact number.
  2. The permanent employment should not exceed more than 250 staff inclusive of management, technical and non-technical staff.
  3. Annual turnover must not exceed 800 million PKR. Please provide proof of previous year’s income by providing;
    • Signed and stamped profit & loss statement (last year) – (sole proprietor and un-registered partnership)
    • Audited financial statements (last year) – (income statement and balance sheet for registered partnership and private limited companies)
  4. Minimum one (1) year of business history for SMEs (male ownership) and for women-owned/led businesses business history of 6 months may be considered at the discretion of the project, counted from either business registration date, account opening date, and/or NTN registration date, whichever comes earlier.
  5. SME must be willing to pay 50% of the cost of services.


The project will support:

  • Business development services (BDS) for consultancies, advisories, ICT services, digital services and capacity building or technical skills trainings and activities.
  • Support for software customization, data migration, installations, proto typing, testing, and/or implementation, excluding licensing renewal fees and domain hosting charges of any web based-service.

The project will not support:

  • Any type of business payables: such as, bank guarantees, loans, bank interest, business taxes, utilities, salaries or honorariums; payments pertaining to recurrent fees, such as: annual fees, service charge, commissions, brokerage fees, franchising fees, web hosting charges, sales commissions, management fees or club memberships, etc.
  • Any type of capital/infrastructure, hardware or new investments into a business.

*No financial assistance will be directly payable to the SMEs, but the project will contract services on behalf of the behalf of the SME.

Apply By:
Instruction to applicantsThe deadline for the submission of applications is Friday, December 31, 2018.Applications will be evaluated on rolling basis. All applicants are encouraged to apply at their earliest. PLEASE CLEARLY REFER EOI NUMBER AND NAME IN YOUR APPLICATION.

Applicants must complete and submit the Application Form (Attachment A) along with all the documents listed in no later than the deadline listed above. Chemonics International, which implements the USAID SMEA program, will review applications and award SME support on a rolling basis.  Chemonics will not reimburse the applicants for any costs associated with submitting the EOI. Furthermore, Chemonics reserves the right to reject any and all applications, if such action is in the best interest of Chemonics.

Please return completed applications including the Application Form and requested documents by the application deadline to

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