Monitoring and Evaluation Manager






Monitoring and Evaluation Manager

5 October, 2018

Louis Berger
End Date: 31 Oct, 2018
Location :Lahore, Punjab
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
Start Date :08 Sep, 2018
  1.        Position                             Monitoring and Evaluation Manager
  2.        Duty Location                    Lahore, Pakistan
  3.        Start Date:                         As soon as possible


Background and Objectives:

USAID/Pakistan awarded Louis Berger Group (LBG) with a three (3) year Punjab Youth Workforce Development Project (PYWD) to work with at-risk youth in Multan, Lodhran, Muzaffargarh and Bahawalpur to secure gainful employment and play a positive role in their communities. The Program will facilitate employment opportunities for 10,000 youth (including 35% women) will implement the following activities: a) proactive community engagements to mobilize at-risk youth; b) institutional capacity building and re-tooling of over 22 public/private vocational training providers; c) co-opting of prospective potential private sector employers for trainee placement; d) career counseling services; as well as e) providing access to finance for youth entrepreneurs.

Tasks and deliverables:

The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Manager will be responsible for monitoring, evaluation and results measurement system development, and institutionalize/operationalize in the program and partner institutions with the following overarching tasks in the Implementation Phase:

  1. Develop the Project M&E Plan in close coordination with the USAID COR and the USAID/Pakistan Program Office.
  2. Review and revise the project logical framework (Logframe), Work Plan, and the initial indicative targets/indicators developed as part of the project technical proposal.
  3. Coordinate with the various component leads to identify indicators, benchmarks, and data sources.
  4. Work with USAID/Pakistan in developing a baseline data collection plan, including survey design, sampling method and size, data sources, and enumerator training activities, as appropriate.
  5. Develop ToR/RFP documents for M&E baseline establishment, follow up surveys – sampling, questionnaire and interview design, identify/develop key result measurement/impact indicators, and administer appropriate data collection techniques to enhance accuracy, validity and reliability of baseline data/findings.
  6. Working closely with USAID/Pakistan, the M&E will:
  7. Establish program database/MIS for contract/partner management, result monitoring through appropriate data collection mechanism and generate information/report for program management including logistic and other reporting requirements.
  8. Develop and utilize a variety of research approaches including quantitative (e.g., beneficiary/participants surveys, business surveys, training records) and qualitative (e.g., focus group discussions, key informant interview) methods to ensure effective monitoring and measuring of project outcomes.
  9. Develop tools and procedures that ensure data on women participation in project interventions are adequately collected, analyzed and reported including for example training local partners to conduct female focus groups to ensure receiving adequate feedback from the women/girls groups.
  10. Produce routine reports on program progress to be shared internally and with external stakeholders including regular reporting to USAID/Pakistan on progress against indicators to be provided on a Quarterly and Annual basis or as required by the USAID/Pakistan.
  11. Orient program staff and partner institutions on M&E Systems and standards, periodic reporting and tracking of projects’ progress.
  12. Work closely with the project implementing partners to create a reliable data collection system that uses consistent data definitions to ensure they can be aggregated. Help partner institutions collect and analyze data on enrolment, retention, placement and private sector leverage and report to the project.
  13. Design and utilize tools necessary to assure data quality including: 1) verify that data are of reasonable quality based on USAID’s data quality standards (Validity, Integrity, Precision, Reliability, Timeliness); 2) review data collection, maintenance, and processing procedures to ensure consistent application; 3) take steps to address identified data quality limitations; and 4) retain documentation including all relevant source documents on electronic files and hard copies.
  14. Oversee overarching impact assessments with focus on the Project/Program result indicators/sub-indicators:

i.      Indicator 1: number of youth employed/self-employed;

ii.      Indicator 2: number of new businesses established by walk-in youth;

iii.      Indicator 3: Number of walk-in youth employed;

iv.      Indicator 4: Capacity built of youth organization indirectly benefiting from improved services.

v.      Indicator 1: Number of community engagement campaigns;

    1. Other activities assigned by the COP.
    2. Specific activities and deliverables for this position will be determined on an annual basis, per the work plan.
    • Design, develop and ensure effective conduct of a mid-term evaluation of the project. This requires among other activities proposing a set of design and implementation questions to illustrate what the project has accomplished and what needs to be addressed based on the identified project design flaws; and
    • At the end of the program, design and lead conducting an end-line performance evaluation of the project interventions.
    • Result 1: Youth economic opportunities increase:
    • Result 2: Socially constructive attitudes and beliefs among youth and their communities enhanced:


Candidate will report to the Chief of Party (COP).


  • Master degree in development studies, social science, statistics and other relevant areas.
  • Mid to senior-level similar experience (5+ years) in successfully designing and implementing M&E Systems for development interventions/programs.
  • Experience in Monitoring and Result Measurement (MRM) and M&E standard frameworks, and familiar with development result indicators.
  • Experience in research, survey, database, result monitoring and evaluation.
  • Experience in training delivery/management to other staff on MRM and M&E techniques.
  • Exposed to M&E system of USAID, and familiar with other standards.
  • Experience in Pakistan, with extensive experience in the program target areas.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with ability to work individually and within a team.
  • Excellent English language skills and writing specialized reports with minimum editing.
  • Ability to present to groups on complex research, monitoring and evaluation topics.
  • Pakistani National and able to live and travel throughout targeted districts in Pakistan.

Please note that we reserve the right to cancel one or all applications. We are an equal-opportunity employer and value diversity in its workforce. We welcome people from diverse backgrounds, culture and experience. Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview.

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