Team Leader – Education Reforms and Policies






Team Leader – Education Reforms and Policies

5 October, 2018

Sindh Capacity Development Project (SCDP) – USAID
End Date: 15 Oct, 2018
Location :Karachi
Country :Pakistan
Positions :1
Post Type:Job
Start Date :04 Oct, 2018

Experience: Minimum 10 years

Job Location: Karachi

Job Type: Full TimeContractual – (Till April 30, 2019)

Salary: Market Compatible based on salary history as per USAID requirements

Project Description:

Deloitte Yousuf Adil, Chartered Accountants (Deloitte Pakistan) is contractor for USAID on Sindh Capacity Development Project (SCDP), a USAID project that will support the sustainability of the Sindh Basic Education Program (SBEP). This will be done by ensuring stronger governance and improved public accountability in the education sector through systems building and institutional strengthening of Program Management and Implementation Unit (PMIU) and Sindh Education and Literacy Department (SE&LD) of the Government of Sindh (GoS).

SCDP aims to:

  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of the Program Management and Implementation Unit (PMIU) to manage and implement SBEP in an effective and transparent manner;
  • Strengthen the effectiveness and impact of SBEP through the implementation of the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) plan and further disseminate knowledge to guide the education sector’s M&E programs and practices in Sindh;
  • Facilitate the systematic generation of knowledge on education challenges and innovative interventions and strategies to inform decision-makers for the improvement of education policies and programs in general and SBEP in particular;
  • Strengthen capacities, systems and policies of the Education and Literacy Department (E&LD) to improve the education services in conjunction with the education reforms in Sindh

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Position Objective:

The Team Leader, Education Reforms and Policies will be required to have a strong background in public sector reforms and policies with leadership ability to strengthen SBEP and education reforms by performing duties in the following key domains with the support of technical advisors: 1) public private partnership; 2) Alternative Learning Pathways (ALPs) or Non-formal education (NFEs); 3) Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) and 4) Team Leadership and Networking. In addition to PMIU and SE&LD, the Team Leader will closely coordinate and build strong linkages with Reform Support Unit (RSU), Finance and P&D Departments, GoS and SE&LD’s Directorate of NFE and M&E. Therefore, a strong role for communicating and influencing the decision-makers within the GoS will be required for this position. An advisor for PPP and NFE/ALPs will provide technical support to the Team Leader.

The detailed job description is hereunder which is primarily based on remaining deliverables of components 2 and 4 of SCDP:

COMPONENT 4: Strengthen capacities, systems and policies of the SE&LD to improve the education services in conjunction with the education reforms in Sindh

The Team Leader under the supervision of COP will assist SE&LD to implement education reforms in accordance with the requirements of the SCDP contract with USAID. The requirements of this component require focus on public private partnerships and alternative learning pathways /NFE.

This task requires intensive coordination with the GoS’s Planning and Finance Department, SE&LD inclusive of its technical agencies (e.g., BOC and Provincial Institute for Teacher Education) PMIU, RSU, district education offices, private sector organizations, development partners, civil society organizations and SBEP’s partners organizations.

Tasks Description Deliverables
Enhance institutional capacity of SE&LD to promote PPP in Sindh The Team Leader will strengthen the GoS’ capacity to promote, develop, and implement PPP projects in Sindh.

The PPP Node at SE&LD already exists and is linked with the Public Private Partnership Unit, in Finance Department, GoS. The Team Leader will advocate and assist the Government of Sindh to further strengthen PPP Node or transform it into PPP Unit at SE&LD, as required by the GoS. Subsequently, The Team Leader will provide technical assistance and comprehensive capacity building support to PPP Unit/Node in different aspects of the promotion, development and implementation of PPP projects and systems and policy. Learning-by-doing approach through involving the respective government officials in the actual PPP transactions will play an instrumental role in this regard. The Team Leader will maintain a close coordination with CMP to complement each other’s work on PPP.


Assistance to the GoS provided to support PPP Unit/Node at the SE&LD to improve its capacity to promote, develop and implement PPP projects


Strengthen capacities of teachers, students and communities in ICT use under PPP This task will demonstrate the promotion of PPP and innovative approaches to strengthen government schools under SBEP. The USAID supported schools are envisaged to be vibrant learning hubs where students’ learning and developmental needs are met in an effective manner so that they are able to encounter the challenges of 21st century successfully. To equip students with relevant and contemporary knowledge and skills, it is essential to furnish schools with the required facilities and equipment.

The Team Leader in coordination with the PMIU and the company will facilitate the execution of trainings sessions at all levels. The Team Leader in consultation with PMIU will also closely coordinate with CMP and SRP to have smooth access to project villages and sites.

Min. 800 govt. teachers (at least 30% females) participate in training sessions and demonstrate competencies in effective use of ICT in teaching-learning process at schools (remaining target: ~325)

Min. of 4,000 students (at least 50% girls) participate in training sessions to demonstrate competencies for using ICT as an effective tool in their everyday learning specially science learning (remaining target: ~1504)

Min. of 4,000 out of school children (ages 13-17) and adults (at least 35% females) residing in project villages participate in ICT literacy programs. (remaining target: ~1837)

Developing ALP (Alternative Learning Pathways) policy with a focus on PPP The ALP / NFE policy implementation can be initiated within the premises of SBEP especially SRP to develop a model for further replication. Technical support provided to the SE&LD for the piloting of of ALP policy implementation framework.

COMPONENT 2: Strengthen the effectiveness and broaden the impact of SBEP through the implementation of the M&E Plan and dissemination of knowledge around M&E programs and practices in Sindh

M&E is not only an integral component of SBEP but it is also a requirement and obligation for USAID programs and a GoS requirement to ensure effectiveness and transparency. Therefore, it is essentially required to implement a robust M&E Plan for the success of SBEP. The existing M&E Plan covers all the components of SBEP, hence, the participation and coordination with respective stakeholders and implementing partners are required. The Team Leader will demonstrate the participatory approach and use PMIU as focal point for coordination with the stakeholders. However, The Team Leader will be bound to maintain its impartiality to implement M&E Plan and produce unbiased data for the improvement of SBEP. Certain considerations are to be taken into account during the execution and oversight of the M&E activities. Adherence to USAID norms and standards regarding transparency, impartiality, independence, quality, ethics and participation must be followed.

The approaches to be employed to undertake this task must be context specific and participatory. USAID strongly recognizes the importance of community participation during the entire project cycle. The Team Leader must ensure that the M&E system maximizes community participation through the capacity building of communities in monitoring and reporting, and does so with gender sensitivity.

Tasks Description Deliverables
a)   Implementation and monitoring of M&E Plan The M&E Plan for SBEP has already been developed. The Team Leader must be responsible to implement this plan throughout the life of the Contract. Through the proper implementation of the M&E Plan, the Team Leader will ensure that SBEP is fully equipped to systematically produce, capture and disseminate knowledge as a way to strengthen SBEP’s effectiveness and impact. In order to do this, it is important to understand the rationale, key elements and steps required to implement M&E Plan. The Team Leader will not only ensure the data quality assurance during the data collection process to produce reliable and valid information but also ensure the quality while data are analyzed and interpreted. Rigorous analysis leading to objective and unbiased conclusions is instrumental to the improvement and success of program results.

Similarly, quality assurance and relevance are to be considered while M&E results are disseminated among respective stakeholders. In this regard, the Team Leader, in coordination with PMIU and USAID, will implement the dissemination strategy already developed that illustrate the explicit and specific details how to deal with the outcomes of the M&E activity and to whom and how widely the results will be disseminated.

The required interventions include but are not limited to the following: review and implement the M&E Plan; engage stakeholders and facilitate participation on M&E activities; conduct field monitoring visits and prepare field monitoring reports; collect and analyze data; provide substantive inputs to prepare SBEP progress reports, as needed; prepare monitoring reports, orient community members to involve them in monitoring, conduct third party validations for different components of SBEP as required, conduct mid- term evaluation of at least two components (to be identified by USAID) of SBEP and dissemination of knowledge/information among stakeholders.

  • M&E Plan of SBEP implemented and its implementation resulting in fine-tuning of SBEP to reach desired outcomes most efficiently and effectively.
  • Quarterly monitoring report and consolidated annual monitoring report prepared and submitted to PMIU and USAID, as per set guidelines.
  • Substantial inputs and support provided to PMIU for the preparation of overall Quarterly and Annual progress reports as well as Pak-Info reporting for SBEP in timely manner.
  • Technical reports and third party validation reports prepared and submitted to USAID, as and when required.
  • SMC members from SBEP school sites continued to be oriented and involved in monitoring and reporting.
  • M&E dissemination strategy implemented.
b)   Strengthening M&E capacities of SE&LD, GoS Under this task, The Team Leader will be responsible to strengthen the M&E systems and capacities of SE&LD. The Team Leader must provide support to the PMIU in institutionalizing a rigorous M&E system within the PMIU for monitoring and reporting program activities under SBEP.


  • Support provided to the PMIU for the maintenance and functioning of an M&E database already established.

In accordance with the USAID Contract, the M&E team and an Advisor for (PPP / ALP) will provide technical support to you in this role. Following is the list of tasks that may be required to perform the duties:

  1. To attend meetings with USAID and PMIU, SBEP and other stakeholders.
  2. To assist and ensure in implementation of Project Life Plan and Annual Work Plan.
  3. To assist PMIU in preparation of quarterly and annual progress reports.
  4. To assist in preparation of Annual Property Report, Close Out Plan and Final Report
  5. To share success stories, project summaries, VIP briefings on demand or 30 days after the quarter.


  • Minimum ten years of proven experience in public sector reforms and polices in development sector preferably education sector reforms.
  • Minimum of five years’ experience of leadership role in managing reforms programs and M&E or research
  • Minimum 3 years of experience of working in public sector education in Pakistan preferably Sindh.
  • Master’s Degree in social sciences, education or other area relevant area.
  • Sound knowledge of public sector reforms and policies preferably of education.
  • Sound knowledge of monitoring, evaluation and research preferably of education programs.
  • Strong communication skills, both interpersonal and written, to fulfill the technical and managerial responsibilities proposed.
  • Proven track record in working effectively within multidisciplinary teams.
  • Strong English writing and speaking skills. Professional level Urdu preferred.
Apply By:
Application Instructions:Please email a CV, letter of interest, and details of three professional references with names and contact information to no later than October 15, 2018. Please write “SCDP: Team Leader – ER&P” in the subject line. All interviews will be held in Karachi.

Deloitte Yousuf Adil, Chartered Accountants is an equal opportunity employer.

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